Commonly asked questions and answers about the new Mozilla brand identity.

Can I remake the logo in another color?

We’d rather you didn’t and here’s why.  

Effective identity systems have both fixed and flexible pieces, to ensure consistency while allowing for personalization. In our system, the logo mark and the black highlighting (the box around the white letters) are fixed — these are the parts of our identity that will show up in every use case. The more consistency we have, the more recognizable and iconic our identity will become. This is especially important in the early days as we just start to use the new logo. We chose black and white because it’s a bold expression of the gutsy and independent nature of our brand. We’ll use the black and white version when representing the whole of Mozilla.

Color, imagery and iconography are the flexible parts that can be determined by the user. You can see some examples of what this means in the gallery. When the logo is used to support a program, event, team or community, we can use our core color palette for the letters within the highlight box, as well as icons and imagery to make sure the identity has a strong connection to Mozilla and also reflects the personality of the specific experience.


How do I pronounce this logo or type out the name?

Our name is still Mozilla. It’s still written and spoken that way, with an “ill,” and does not use “://” in copy. For example, #mozilla is how it will be expressed as a hashtag, etc.

When the new font is released, it will recognize the word Mozilla and replace the “ill” letters with the stylized “://” glyph. This will only happen automatically for the letter combination that spells “Mozilla.” Don’t worry — godzilla and mozzarella will not become “godz://a” and “mozare//a”.


Why are pieces of the brand identity system being rolled out instead of all released at once?

This was a non-traditional brand identity refresh. Traditional branding projects keep everything secret and do a big unveiling where everything is all ready to go — font, logo, templates, business cards, etc. Because we did our brand identity design in the open, we shared the logo as soon as it was complete. We are in the process of finalizing the rest of the system. If you want to get updates when new assets are ready to use, you can sign up here.


Why does designlanguage.mozilla.org redirect to mozilla.ninja?

In the interest of getting the brand guide and logo variations out and available as quickly as possible, and with consultation from the infosec team, we elected to launch the first iteration of this site on its own domain. It will not live on this domain forever and will migrate to mozilla.org once it has gone through a security audit and other necessary checks and approvals.