Logo usage

The following guidelines help keep the logo consistent in its use.


Clear space

To ensure our logo maintains legibility and integrity, always presereve a minimum clear between the logo and other elements.  


Minimum size

Our logo is bold enough to be legible at even small sizes, but it should never appear smaller than the minimum size shown here for screen and print.


Scaling proportionaly

The proportions of the logo should never be altered. To resize an approved logo or other asset from our library hold down the shift key when scaling to maintain the correct portportions.



When placing our logo next to other logos in horizontal or vertical orientation attempt to make all logos appear visually equivalent, with appropriate and visaully consistent spacing.

Background colors

Our primary logo (white type in black containing shape) should be used over most backgrounds. For darker backgrounds where the black shape may not be legible please use the one color white logo.

Spelling out our brand name

When using our brand name in a sentence please spell out the word Mozilla with a capital “M”. Place the logo somewhere else on the page, and only use the logo in one location per layout.