Firefox fights
for you

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Parent Brand

Most consumers know Firefox as a web browser – but that’s changing. We’ve been busy building a suite of new products and services that empower users and demonstrate that we’re the tech company that’s on their side.

Our Brand Platform

Brand Positioning

To even have a seat at the table, our products have to perform as well as everything else out there, and meet users’ felt needs. But it’s our dual purpose – improving online life for people and improving the internet – that truly sets us apart.

Brand Purpose

We help people believe that Firefox is the tech brand that has their best interests at heart, so that they are safer and more empowered online.

Brand Promise

Firefox fights for you.

Consumer Takeaway

Firefox is on your side.

Our Audience

We speak to the Conscious Chooser, which we define as people who make an effort to purchase brands and support the organizations that align with their personal values and beliefs.

Within that group, we prioritize two user segments which we believe are more likely to be engaged by our brand.

Adventurous Amplifiers

This segment wants to discover all that the internet has to offer but has little interest in browsers as the tool to get there. They seek emotional brand experiences which help them look good, and which they can share with friends and family.

Caring Confidentials

This segment is predisposed towards caring about security as part of their overall sense of worry. They choose Firefox for its best-in-class data and security protection, and because it feels like they are supporting the good guys.