Mozilla Brand




Mozilla fights for the internet


These guidelines are for anyone using the Mozilla brand for any marketing, communications, or inter-company messaging. Approved brand assets, instructions, and brand samples will help set you up for success.


Consistent use of brand assets and language creates easily identifiable experiences that strengthens Mozilla’s brand value in the public mind, while protecting our trademarks and company values.

Dos & Don’ts

Here are some general guidelines for using Mozilla brand assets in practice. Use the logos, colors, typefaces, and approved artwork found in the assets section. Please refrain from manipulating or recreating any the approved brand artwork.


Do follow all guidelines and utilize all resources and approved assets.

Do respect the original arrangement, spacing, colors with all brand assets so they are displayed consistently and uniformly.

Do maintain the shape, structure, and integrity of each brand asset.

Do use assets at recommended sizes and ensure when used small they are clear and legible.

Do reach out to our brand team or FAQ section if you have any questions or uncertainty.


Don’t modify or attempt to recreate any Mozilla brand assets in any way.

Don’t use any brand assets sourced from anywhere except approved the brand guidelines library downloads section.

Don’t use the Mozilla brand, logo, or brand partnerships to represent anything that contradicts our brand values.

Don’t use the Mozilla logo in place of the word Mozilla in a sentence.

Don’t use the Mozilla logo in any way that makes it the largest or most prominent element on the page. Our logo speaks volumes at small sizes.