A font made for Mozilla (and everyone)

Our official brand typeface is


Zilla Slab

Zilla Slab is a casual and contemporary slab serif with a good amount of quirk. We’ve made it open source for everyone to use.

Type Scale

Zilla Slab Bold for Headings as used on this website:

Heading – XXL

Font size: 76px (4.75rem)
Line height: 76px (100%)

Heading – XL

Font size: 66px (4.125rem)
Line height: 66px (100%)

Heading – LG

Font size: 56px (3.5rem)
Line height: 56px (100%)

Heading – MD

Font size: 48px (3rem)
Line height: 48px (100%)

Heading – SM

Font size: 38px (2.375rem)
Line height: 40px (105%)

Heading – XS

Font size: 28px (1.75rem)
Line height: 30px (107%)

Heading – XXS

Font size: 24px (1.5rem)
Line height: 26px (108%)

Heading – XXXS

Font size: 18px (1.125rem)
Line height: 20px (111%)